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    Endykay Group Ltd is a fast growing, privately owned, and internationally recognized business capital organization with interests in Real Estate, Media (Branding), Agriculture, ICT, Logistics and Many more

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    Affordable & Modern Smart Homes

    We have a real commitment to building strong, proactive, and long-term relationships with our corporate and private clients by providing affordable and smart tech homes for the society.

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    Satisfying Societal Needs Through Innovation.

    We offer the best mechanised farming, animal rearing, and processing of farm products. We provide farm products with high nutritional values to our consumers

    " The world of business is a fun place to be, It comes with diverse kinds of shege, it all depends on the type of shege you want.
    In other words, To attain success in business, you must be willing to fail multiple times... so to succeed fast, Try and fail fast!
    That's Right!

    Endykay Group

    Extraordinary Innovators

    Who We Are

    . . . Changing The Narrative

    We are Nigeria’s leading Multidimensional Company with interest in, Construction and Real Estate, Logistics, Branding, Technology Solutions and Agriculture.

    We are focused on satisfying the societal needs through innovative input of work in all we do.

    We are also passionate about outstanding customer service and exceptional employee satisfaction.

    Why Choose Endykay

    With Endykay you get access to a range of exclusive services and we are committed to scheduled payments regardless of the risks traditionally associated with businesses. Partnering with us gives you the assurance of secured investments because we Endykay are intentional about upholding the ethics of our business; our reputation precedes us.

    As a corporate firm, Endykay Group Limited is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (RC 1958770), and the Special Control Unit against Anti- Money Laundering (SCUML).

    Present & Past Clients


    Over 2 years and half years of operations, Endykay has partnered with various brands accross the federation in offering values and giving back to the society. Below are a few of our partners since we began operations.

    Our Companies

    Our Subsidiaries

    Endykay Group is a group of companies geared towards achieving one purpose and that is to change the narrative of business in the world. In other to achieve this, we diversified into 5 key sectors in the business world with years of experience and results in theses sectors

    We are focused on providing organizations with innovative technology solutions in our various subsidiaries that will help the society drive extreme business agility with confidence.


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